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Case Study


An 1,800-bed health system located in the Northeast needed a solution for their second placements.  The system knew it was missing recoveries on approximately $9 million in revenue every month from its multi-billion annual budget.

But recovering that revenue was another story.  They thought they lacked the time, resources and technology to get the job done.  So they turned to three, regional second placement solution providers who claimed to have the capacity and the know-how. In addition, they turned to FMC Group to compete, having already shown their ability to collect well on the organization’s third accounts.


As it turns out, this system did not necessarily lack the time, resources or technology.  They lacked the right perspective on their accounts.

It was a perspective that FMC had. 

FMC’s team of insurance specialists started right away by reviewing all accounts over $1,000 – the ones with a lot of “meat left on the bones” thanks to the primary agency’s lack of ability to expend additional resources.  Utilizing the industry-tested technology, FMC added the component of skip tracing research, spending the time to comb through myriads of public databases to determine the likelihood of payment.

All of this happened before any of the accounts made it to the collection floor for self-pay efforts.

In the end, FMC weeded out the accounts that they knew would pay less.  When the actual recovery efforts started, this left more time to the accounts with the highest propensity to pay.

FMC’s first year of work proved that this strategy worked better than the competition, causing the health system to drop the three other competitors and test FMC’s efforts against one national agency.  The system expected FMC to underperform against this new competition; however, we stayed true to our method.


After eight months, FMC Group out-collected the national competitor by 82 percent.

During the last 12 months of continued work with the system, at one of its facilities, FMC collected $602,457 on accounts with an average age at placement of 453 days from service. Of the dollars collected, 71.9 percent came from third party payers.


Our current leadership carries decades of experience in both the healthcare and collections services industries.

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An 1,800-bed health system located in the Northeast needed a solution for their second placements... And found $600,000.

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