Financial Management Control

Are your second and third placement accounts keeping you up at night - the ones you know you can still collect on?

Are you not utilizing secondary agencies because you don’t think there is value in placing those accounts?

Are you unhappy with the results from your secondary agencies?

Get some rest.  At FMC Group, collecting on tough patient accounts for hospitals is our specialty.

We bring tested methods to collect the revenue you expect from a primary solution on accounts that have already gone through your primary and even secondary placements.

Sure, we deploy the latest technology, train specialized experts and spend the time needed to collect.

But the difference you’ll find with FMC is how we view your accounts. 

We don’t waste our time - and yours - on the small-dollar accounts that yield pennies.  Instead, the accounts that catch our eye are the ones that still have potential for a significant ROI.  Deploying our trained experts into the field, we do the research you need to uncover what’s out there.

And it works. So, let's get started...


Our current leadership carries decades of experience in both the healthcare and collections services industries.

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An 1,800-bed health system located in the Northeast needed a solution for their second placements... And found $600,000.

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If there's a silver bullet to what we do, it's this: we manage your inventory of claims better than anyone around.

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