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For decades, FMC Group has focused on your toughest patient accounts – helping you collect the dollars you are owed.   Our roots reach back to our founders’ time as healthcare follow-up agents at GC Services – the largest, privately-held outsourcing and collections agency in the country – to our entrepreneurial spirit in starting FMC.

Our founders and current leadership carry decades of experience in both the healthcare and collections services industries.

Stephen Kovacs, CEO:  Mr. Kovacs spent almost a decade at GC Services Corporation, focusing on healthcare receivables and rising to the ranks to lead a state-wide division.  A co-founder of FMC, he now leads the organization.   Read his full bio

Lori Kasprack, Vice President of Operations: With a background as a self pay collector  and insurance specialist, Ms. Kasprack’s career has spent three decades focused on helping healthcare organizations collect on the dollars they are owed.  She runs the day-to-day operations for FMC.  Read her full bio

Andrew DeVoe, partner: A former client turned partner, Mr. DeVoe is a veteran in the healthcare finance space and is currently the founder of Exceptional Healthcare Resources.

Over the years, our reputation for collecting the dollars owed to you precedes us.  We take pride in that reputation and in the results we achieve with our clients.


Our current leadership carries decades of experience in both the healthcare and collections services industries.

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An 1,800-bed health system located in the Northeast needed a solution for their second placements... And found $600,000.

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If there's a silver bullet to what we do, it's this: we manage your inventory of claims better than anyone around.

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