Financial Management Control

Stephen Kovacs, CEO

Stephen Kovacs has served as CEO of FMC Group since he reformed the organization in 2003.

The reformation of the company came after its initial founding in 1987.  From that time until its sale in 1999, Kovacs and co-founder John Thomas grew the company to 1,000 employees in five locations. At the time of sale, the company had over 150 hospital clients, in addition to banking and retail clients, including the US Department of Revenue, American Express, Citicorp, GE Capital Ford Motor Credit and JC Penny. 

Prior to founding FMC, Kovacs served as marketing executive for GC Services Corporation, in charge of Florida territory.  In that role, he became a medical specialist for the company, training new marketing executives for the company focusing on healthcare.  He previously held positions with GC providing services to the University of Maryland Hospital Group, and as assistant manager, operations supervisor and as a trainee in the college management program. 

Kovacs received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Baltimore in 1977. He is married with three children.

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