Financial Management Control

Our Process

If there’s a silver bullet to what we do, it’s this: we manage your inventory of claims better than anyone around.   This means the focus is not on the collector, it’s on the account.

The best way to describe it is take you through our process:

  1. We start with your toughest accounts.  The ones that you can’t seem to get paid no matter the resources you’ve already invested.
  2. We use technologies and methods that are proven to recover dollars.
  3. We put our trained personnel to work.  This includes experts who know collections, insurance follow-up and other sets of skills necessary to get the job done.
  4. This one’s the kicker – we manage your inventory by paying attention to the minutia that really makes the difference between whether or not you will get paid.  This means:
    • Focusing on accounts with a higher chance of payment
    • Expending more resources on those accounts
    • Using skip tracing research methods to find the accounts with the most propensity to pay
    • Ruling out the accounts with a lesser probability to pay
  5. We incentivize our collectors to get the job done well and fast.

We know the process works.  One client with accounts that are 1 ½ years old , we are collecting more than 70% of the total dollars collected from third party reimbursement.

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Our current leadership carries decades of experience in both the healthcare and collections services industries.

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An 1,800-bed health system located in the Northeast needed a solution for their second placements... And found $600,000.

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If there's a silver bullet to what we do, it's this: we manage your inventory of claims better than anyone around.

More about Our Process ››